RERA Bihar – Builders must display project details at the construction sites

Dated on: Friday 27th July 2018


The Bihar Real Estate Regulatory has uploaded a notice on the official website of Bihar RERA directing all the real estate builders to display certain details related to the project at the site of construction.
According to the notice, the promoters/developers/builders of all real estate projects be it residential, commercial, mixed or plotted development, shall display name of the project name of the promoter/developer/builder of the project, RERA registration number or the application number through which application for 
registration has been submitted to the authority (if RERA registration is not yet done), website address of RERA Bihar, names of the registered real estate agent along with their RERA registration number ( company or individuals), the date of commencement of the project and proposed date of completion of the project, prominently at the sites of construction of the Project  on a large notice board/hoarding having minimum size of 6 by 6 feet.

The notice further states that the information should also be displayed at the corporate office, registered office, branch or sales offices of the promoters/developers/builders appropriately and prominently in respect of all real estate projects undertaken by them.

Click here to know how to register your real estate project with RERA Bihar.


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